Neurointensive medicine

The main focus of neurointensive medicine is treating patients with severe skull and brain trauma, severe intracranial haemorrhage (including SAB), cerebrovascular ischaemic stroke, or inflammation and infection of the central and peripheral nervous system (meningitis, encephalitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, etc.) We also treat patients with epilepsy or other complex neurological conditions with various causes (e.g. severe delirium, metabolic encephalopathy). Our department also offers therapeutic hypothermia for neuroprotection after resuscitation, and the ensuing assessment and treatment in the case of hypoxic encephalopathy. We have the option of continuous intracranial pressure monitoring, bulbusoximetry and continuous EEG monitoring.

Our treatment concepts in this area are coordinated with the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery. We also routinely treat patients after large neurosurgical interventions until they are stable.