The main focus is on the patient as a person

We offer patients individual care and temporary support for vital activities such as breathing (artificial ventilation), food (artificial feeding), and sleep (artificial coma). We encourage patients to regain physical, psychological and social abilities and return to daily activities as soon as possible. This includes appropriate pain therapy and the recognition and treatment of anxiety and stress. The inclusion of relatives and carers is another important principle of patient care.

We aim to maintain a high level of quality of care and to support patients, their relatives and carers in everything they have to deal with. With special nursing techniques, such as Basal Stimulation or kinaesthetics (treatment to promote perception and movement), a high level of expertise, and knowledge, we create a good basis for care. We work closely with the pastoral care team and other psychological services that can be involved following discussion with all parties.


We only pass on information to immediate relatives or carers because we are bound by professional discretion. Talks with specialist physicians from the relevant areas of expertise are arranged on a case-by-case basis. It is important for us to get to know you personally as a relative or carer so that questions can be clarified directly if necessary.

The smooth running of our department depends on everything being discussed in detail with the responsible specialist team. Our information brochure contains further details about visiting hours, departmental telephone numbers as well as suggestions and ideas for when you visit your relative in the Intensive Care Unit.