Advanced training for physicians

Great emphasis is placed on advanced training in the Department of Intensive Care Medicine. It consists of three sections:

  1. Advanced training in everyday clinical practice through close cooperation between senior physician and assistant physician
  2. Theoretical further training with courses that are run every day
  3. Monitoring of advanced training through formal assessment and appropriate feedback (workplace-based assessment)

In the Department of Intensive Care Medicine, we provide advanced training for physicians to qualify as Specialist Physicians in Intensive Care Medicine. We employ 8 - 9 assistant physicians in internal departmental positions. There are also possibilities for assistant physicians from other departments to undergo further training in the field of intensive care medicine in a clinical rotation (6 or 12 months).

Our curriculum is primarily based on interactive advanced training at the patient's bedside. This is complemented by compulsory structured theoretical advanced training. The FCCS course (fccs = fundamental critical care support) course provides a brief and concise introduction to essential aspects of an acutely critically ill adult.

Advanced training is monitored and documented by means of a logbook. The objective is to achieve the qualification of Specialist Physician (FMH) in Intensive Care Medicine.


Björn Zante, MD
Head of Training for Physicians