The Department of Intensive Care Medicine offers the full range of modern interdisciplinary intensive care medicine. Our team of specialist physicians and specialist nurses cares for all patients in potentially reversible life-threatening situations. This includes treatment of disturbed vital functions (such as acute circulatory or pulmonary failure, or following serious injury), but also the prevention of disorders of this kind (e.g. after extended surgery, especially cardiac surgery, or through the monitoring of neurological and neurosurgical patients).

We have 37 beds with the option of invasive ventilation, plus 20 intermediate care beds. We thus fulfil a central function for all Inselspital departments. As a main hospital, we also accept from regional hospitals patients with complex diseases requiring intensive medical care, and patients who are referred to other Inselspital departments for tertiary care and who need intensive medical care.

The Department of Intensive Care Medicine is using a Patient Data Management System (PDMS) to record electronically in nearly real-time a patient's vital functions, to process this information, and to make it rapidly available to physicians and nurses for the treatment process. In addition to supporting the clinical process, the PDMS also supports research and, through its automatic recording process, provides reliable data for studies. The PDMS not only provides basic information for national and international benchmarking processes, but also for performance recording. The PDMS is growing with the department and its requirements, and it is no longer possible to envisage the patient treatment process without this system.

Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit looks after patients who require intensive medical and nursing care, and close and consistent monitoring. Coming into contact with intensive care medicine is a very unusual situation for patients, their relatives and carers. Our aim is to provide patients with a high level of care and treatment, and to be there to talk to relatives and carers.

Interdisciplinary Intermediate Care Unit (IIMC)

The Intermediate Care Unit is for patients who require increased medical care and monitoring. These are patients who, due to the state of their health, are not yet able to be cared for on a standard ward.  

For reasons of legibility, we generally do not distinguish between male and female forms. It goes without saying that both men and women are addressed where applicable.